股东大会 Shareholders' General Meeting
监事会 Board of Supervisors
董事会 Board of Directors
重要项目管理部  Department of Important Project Management
战略发展部  Department of Strategic Development
总经理 General Manager
风控部 Department of Risks Control
董事会秘书处 Secretariat of Board of Directors
助理 Assistant
研发部 R&D Department
政府项目 Government Projects
无形资产管理Intangible Assets Management
标准化管理 Standardization Management
研究所 Research Laboratory
材料研究 Material Research
应用研究 Application Research
设备工艺研究 Equipment & Process Research
生产部 Production Department
粒料生产 Granules Production
片材生产 Sheet Production
注塑生产 Injection Molding Production
生产辅助 Production Auxiliary
营销部 Sales Department
助理 Assistant
石标 Milestone
粤东 East Guangdong
南区 South Region
东区 East Region
外贸 International Trade
物业 Real Estate
市场 Marketing
财务部 Financial Department
计划资金 Capital Planning
会计核算 Financial Accounting
运营管理部 Operations Management Department
人力资源 HR
行政 Administration
后勤保障 Logistics Support
供应链部 Supply Chain Department
助理 Assistant
采购 Purchasing
储运 Storage and Transportation
供应需求Supply Demand
品控 Quality Control
设备动力 Equipment & Power
数据分析 Data Analysis